Sunday, June 26, 2011

300 Dolls Going to Kibera!

Happy news to post today! My wonderful friend Cathy and her group of fearless knitters in Lexington, VA have finished 300 knitted "Comfort Dolls" for our team to take with us to Kibera. Now every child we work with will get to take with them a little reminder that they are LOVED! Here is a photo of the completed work:


  1. hi paige!! congrats on the comfort dolls. i am putting myself out there (a la storyline) and trying to get in touch with restore and bob goff. since leaving world vision i have mainly freelanced but am looking to sink my teeth into another org while still building the grassroots work for kibera. called the restore san diego office and left message. also sending a packet with res and portfolio via mail this week, but have not talked to a person. would love any help with a real live person at restore. best to your summer plans. will keep you in prayers and the girls of kibera.

  2. Hi Paige! Just wanted to drop in and say hello. I'm a reader of Don's blog and he mentioned you the happy engagement news. Congrats (Hubby & I got married in our 30's and after 8 years, the honeymoon is still on)!

    I'm a DaySpring writer and my friend and colleague Kirsten Welch is in Kenya this week too! With her family of 6. They opened a maternity house in Nairobi ( I know you're in Kibera, but how beautiful God is calling hearts here in the US to love on the girls of Kenya. Love the dolls. Just melts my heart imagining the smiles they will bring!