Wednesday, March 16, 2011

How You Can Donate

Details on Donating

Where is my money going?
Your donation will cover a multitude of things.
1. My Trip
- Flight
- Housing
- Food
2. Supplies for the camps we host for over 300 orphans and vulnerable children!
- Arts and Crafts Supplies
- First Aid
- Sports Equipment
3. Two full meals and late afternoon porridge. This is HUGE for these kids.
4. Buses to and from Kibera for the kids and our team.

Once I we have funded these needs I am taking on an additional goal. I want to give to all five centers the following:
1. Medical Supplies so that Homecare mentors can take care of wounds when they occur. Providing these teachers with gloves, antiseptic and bandages will prevent the spread of diseases such as Staph, Hepatitis A and HIV/AIDS, all which can be fatal.
2. Education Fund. The informal schools in Kibera have no resources to educate the children that cannot afford to go to government school. I want to supply them with books, paper, writing utensils and give the teachers books to teach from. We will also provide students in government schools with the books and test fees they need to STAY in school.
3. Clothing and Shoes. This not only will help with overall health but it will give the children a sense of pride, most have never owned a new item of clothing or pair of shoes.

A worthy cause! Now here is how you can donate:
Donate Online
-Go to
-Click on "Log in to Online Giving"
-Create new account or log in as returning member
-Select "Kenya Mission Team 2012" under "Fund" drop-down menu
-Choose "Paige Smith" under "Sub Fund" drop-down menu

Checks made payable to Ecclesia Hollywood

**PLEASE include in the memo line “Paige Smith – Kenya

Email me at for the mailing address.

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  1. Hi Paige - Your link to the donate page is broken. I could copy and paste, but clicking it gets an error page.