Tuesday, March 22, 2011

African Comfort Dolls

I've been waiting to get all the details sorted out to share this news with you. But the team going to Kenya has received a unique and very special pledge from Cathy McElhannon at Washington and Lee University.

Cathy and her group of knitting friends have pledged to make our team 350 African Comfort Dolls. These are knitted dolls often used as packing material to send HIV/AIDS medications to Africa and then are given to the children treated in the clinics. In this case they will travel in our luggage!
This amazing donation is going to mean the world to these kids. The kids of Kibera have hardly any personal belongs. During my last trip I did not see one doll during my many home and school visits. I can already see the excited looks on their faces!

Thank you Cathy and your fellow knitters!

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