Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Kibera School for Girls

More great news to share with you all. I have been officially accepted into the Summer Institute at Shining Hope for Communities! This means that I will be spending over two months in Kenya this summer.

My first month will be spent with Shining Hope at The Kibera School for Girls, tutoring, mentoring and teaching. The Kibera School for Girls is the first tuition-free, all girls school within Kibera. KSG has worked with an education specialist to come up with a curriculum designed specifically for these bright young girls who are at great risk for abuse and starvation. KSG uses a hands on and creative approach to nurture a love of learning.

Shining Hope has been an organization I have been watching and admiring for over a year now. I could not be more thrilled at the opportunity to work with them this summer. In addition to the school SHOFOC has created a community center with library and computer lab, a microfinance program, a clean water initiative, a sustainable garden to help support families in the community, and a recently opened medical clinic. The girls at KSG benefit from all of these programs. Shining Hope oversees their medical, nutritional, educational and mental health care. In essence the girls that attend KSG now have a team of advocates in their corner.

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