Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Radiant Rita

Rita was our youngest camper. She is the daughter of Lynette, one of the volunteers at Homecare. Lynette lives in Kibera caring for her two children, Mercy and Rita, as well as her younger brother Collins; her mother passed away when she was quite young. Lynette is a volunteer with Homecare and at their home church in Kibera. At the church she is the only teacher of over 30 children ranging for the age of 2 to 16. She isfairly uneducated herself and struggles to provide these children with some sort of education since they cannot afford government school. With all that Lynette is trying to tackle, Rita sometimes gets left by the wayside. She is hungry for attention and love, while Lynette is exhausted. It is so difficult to see. At first I was angry with Lynette, wishing she would simply be a better mother, pay her young daughter more attention. But I did not understand her situation, I was ignorant. Later during my time in Kibera I was able to visit Lynette's home, she the conditions of the school she teaches in, meet the children she teaches. I cannot imagine fighting the uphill battle she must face everyday. There is noquick answer or easy solution. But I can hold Rita and give Lynette a little bit of a break while I am with her. Here is a little bit of precious Rita for you.

Photo By: Gena Peterson

Photo By: Gena Peterson

Photo By: Paula Thorrington

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